The Telegraph’s Top 100 Novels List

Do you have a reading BFF? That one person in your life who loves and obsesses over books just as much as you? In 2015, my reading BFF and I decided we wanted to fully complete one of those “greatest novels of all time!” lists. This is the one we chose.

Seems like every literary entity has its own list of all-time best novels ever written. The problem with most of them is, they’re saturated by books from 19th- and 20th-century Europe and North America. Writing from other centuries and parts of the world is largely—and undeservedly—overlooked.

This list, compiled by The Telegraph, isn’t so one-dimensional. It includes a fair proportion of world literature and more recently published novels than most others I’ve found. Not only is that a better representation of what literature has to offer, it’ll also be more interesting to read through in the long run!


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