How to Prepare for a Readathon: An Illustrated Guide

So you want to take part in a readathon, do you? Preparation is key! Here are some of the steps to a fun and successful 24 hours of binge-reading.

Make a pile of books to read.

Dewey's Readathon 2016 to-be-read pile

Obviously this is the most important step.

Gather up your snacks and treats.

Dewey's Readathon 2016 snacks

The last thing you want is to faint from hunger and let unplanned unconsciousness take away from your reading time.

Select your outfit.

Dewey's Readathon 2016 outfit

What we’re going for here is 100% self-indulgent comfort and 0% style. Of course if you can do both, more power to you. Library socks are usually a good bet.

Add some more books to your pile.

Dewey's Readathon 2016 to-be-read pile version 2

It’s good to have options! It’s fine. I can quit any time.

Plan to start the day with a nutritious breakfast.

Frozen chocolate croissants

Chocolate! It’s what readers crave!

Scope out an Ideal Reading Spot or two.

Ideal Reading Spot

Optional: curse the rain for ruining your Outdoor Ideal Reading Spot.

Do some partner drills with your reading squad.

Partner reading with Percy the poodle

There’s no “I” in “readathon.”

Lose all control over your book pile, which will continue to grow and soon reach critical mass and/or gain sentience.

Dewey's Readathon 2016 to-be-read pile version 3

Uh oh.

See you tomorrow for Dewey’s Readathon!

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