Reading has always been a defining part of my life. In kindergarten, I shunned the playground in favor of the beanbag reading area. In middle school, I was constantly in the doghouse for reading in class instead of paying attention—sorry, teachers. In college, I devoured novels of all sorts on the path to a degree in literature.

These days, I’m in my thirties, living in northern California with my husband and our new daughter. I’m still reading. When I’m not, I work from home as a freelance manuscript editor. I enjoy kitchen experimentation, keeping plants alive, and building capsule wardrobes. Sometimes I even go outside!



Lily Reads is a free-range blog about reading and life as a book-loving, self-employed thirty-something. I gravitate toward literary fiction and sci-fi/fantasy, and I find it extremely difficult to resist any sort of reading list or challenge (I’ve compiled a number of such lists here). Thanks for stopping by!