Hi, I’m Lily.

Lily reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

I’m a lifelong book lover currently living in northern California with my husband, daughter, and assorted pets. When I’m not reading or reviewing, I work from home as a freelance manuscript editor. I enjoy kitchen experimentation, keeping plants alive, and building capsule wardrobes. Sometimes I even go outside!

This is my blog.

I read and review science fiction, fantasy, and general adult fiction novels, as well as the occasional work of interesting non-fiction. You can also expect the infrequent post on life and other reading-related matters.

What do the star ratings mean?

– I loved this book and would (or already have) happily re-read it.

– I liked this book and actively recommend it.

– This book was worth the time it took to read it, but not a particular treat.

– I didn’t particularly like this book.

– I hated this book and actively encourage you to avoid it.